3 useful new features in Opera 86


Your cryptography, screen capture and general research tasks will become much easier to perform.

Opera 86 has been released on the Stable Channel with some exciting new features to help you get the most out of your Opera browser. Opera 86 runs on Chrome 100.0.4896.127.

Opera 86 has arrived

The initial release was announced on April 20, 2022 via an Opera blog post highlighting three key changes to the address bar, sidebar, and snapshot feature.

These simple changes can impact how you use and interact with Opera. Now let’s review the new features of Opera 86.

1. Categories now in address bar dropdown

If you click in Opera 86’s address bar, you’ll notice that results are now displayed in categories like Search, History, and Bookmarks.

In Opera 85, you will only see search results.

This makes it easier for you to browse related items, save time, and organize your navigation more logically. Opera also has some interesting extensions to boost your productivity.

2. Snapshot function

If you select text in Opera 85, you will only have the option to search or copy the text.

In Opera 86, however, you have the additional option of taking a snapshot of your selection.

Not only can you snap your selection, but you can also crop it to your liking using the brand new crop tool next to the Text tool.

This can save you time that you would otherwise spend using a third-party tool to crop your snapshot.

Thanks to Opera 86, you can now enable the Opera Crypto Wallet icon in your desktop sidebar.

Previously, the crypto wallet was only available in Opera’s Crypto Browser. This allowed users to do several things, such as accessing a non-custodial crypto wallet.

You can add the Crypto Wallet icon to the sidebar by clicking the three dots at the bottom of the sidebar and selecting Crypto Wallet.

The Opera 86 changelog contains more details about all the tweaks, changes, and fixes you can expect to find in the new update.

Opera browser gets even better with version 86

The Opera browser is getting even better with the release of Opera 86. Although these updates have been pushed to the stable channel, they are rolling out in phases and will be coming to your browser soon.

If you are looking for a best alternative browser then you can check out Opera 86. Opera is a popular browser ranked among the best browsers in the world.

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