6 Ways to Save and Share Google Search Results with Anyone


Have you just come across an interesting Google search result that you want to share with others? You’ve come to the right place for that. This guide lists the best ways to save and share Google search results with anyone. You can also learn how to listen to Google search results in your language.

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How to Save and Share Google Search Results with Anyone

You can either share Google search results directly through Chrome as links or save them as a PDF to show the exact same results to the other person. You can also share Google searches directly through Gboard. Check all the methods in detail below.

Method 1 – Use Chrome to Share a Web Page or Search Result Directly

Using Google Chrome browser, you can share a webpage or search results natively to your social media ids, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. or copy its link to forward. Follow these steps to do the same.

1. Open a new tab in the Chrome browser and perform the desired Google search.

2. To share this search result, click on the Share icon at the end of the URL bar.

3. Then click on the icon of your favorite social network to share it with your friends. You can also click on the Copy link option to copy and send the entire URL for sharing.

Share Google search results in Chrome

Method 2 – Submit Automated Google Search Results for a Query

If you want to share search results based on a specific keyword or if your friend is too lazy to type in the keyword themselves, you can automate the process and send it via a link using third-party websites .

1. Go to the Let Me Google That website on your web browser.

2. Next, enter the search keyword and click on the Google Search Button to generate a search link for the entered keyword.

3. Click on the Copy URL button at the bottom to copy the link and send it to your friends.

Share Google Queries

4. When your friends open the received link, the whole search process will be automatically display Google search results for your defined keyword.

Share Google Queries

Method 3 – Save and Share Exactly Same Google Search Results as PDF

Google search results may vary from user to user due to location or interests. If you want to save and share the exact Google search results with your friend, you can achieve that by capturing them in a PDF. Follow these simple steps to achieve the same result.

Save Share exact same Google search results

1. Open a new tab in your web browser and perform the desired Google search.

2. Then press the Option Ctrl+P to print the current page and select the Save as PDF option from the drop-down menu.

3. press the Save button to export it to your system/device.

Now you can send this PDF file using third-party apps like WhatsApp or email it directly to share with your friends. PDF links can be clicked to open search results.

Method 4 – Use QR Codes to Share Your Favorite Google Search

Another effective way to instantly share a webpage or Google search result is to make it a QR code. You can then share this code with your friends or across multiple devices to open it. All they have to do is open a QR scanner or Google Lens and scan the code.

Follow this quick guide to create and share QR codes for web pages.

Method 5 – Use Gboard to share your searches in apps

The Gboard app, known as the Google Keyboard app, also offers a built-in feature to share your search results as cards. You can use this feature to share your favorite searches with your friends.

1. Launch it gboard on your device and press the Google icon in the upper left corner of the keyboard. You can also install the Gboard app to try out this feature.

2. Then enter the search keyword and press the Search button to do a Google search inside the keyboard.

3. It will instantly display search results in the form of cards. You can share exciting research maps by tapping the Share button to copy them.

4. Next, open your mail or any other app you want to share the link with and tap the Paste button.

5. The search card will instantly appear in the app for you to submit.

Method 6 – Take a long/scrolling screenshot to send search results

If you’re using Google Chrome on your phone, you can capture your Google search results instantly using a long screenshot. Alternatively, you can take a scrolling screenshot of the entire webpage.

1. Do a Google search in your Chrome browser android phone and press the three dots icon in the upper right corner.

2. Then press the Sharing option and press long screenshot.

3. Drag down the slide to capture the desired search result and save it by pressing the key tick the button basically.

4. Further, click on the Next button up and press the Sharing option to share it with your friends.

You can also save this long screenshot to your Android device by tapping the Save to device only option. Besides, you can also use the built-in long screenshot feature available on Android and iOS.

Bonus: Save and send the web page as an HTML file

If you want to save any webpage or search results for future reference, you can download it as an HTML file to your system or mobile device. Follow these quick steps to download your Google search results as an HTML file.

1. Do a Google search in a new tab and click on the Share icon at the end of the URL bar.

Save Google search page as HTML

2. Then click on the Save page optional.

Save Google search page as HTML

3. Also, save it as Web page, single file type.

Save Google search page as HTML

4. That’s it. You can now open this HTML file at any time to review your Google search results.

You can also share this file directly with your friends using instant messaging apps like WhatsApp.

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Conclusion: share your Google searches

That’s it for the best ways to save and share Google search results with anyone. You can either share the results by creating a URL or use a PDF to share the exact same Google results with others. Let us know your preferred method via the comments. Stay tuned for more jaw-dropping walkthroughs.


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