7 helpful tips to keep in mind when hiring a hosting provider for your app


Whether you are a service provider or selling a product online, every business needs an online presence. Therefore, a search engine friendly website is essential.

However, your web hosting provider can also have an impact on your online presence.

On the other hand, there is an ongoing debate as to whether you should do the same for your mobile app.

Why your mobile app needs a website

As an app developer, it’s understandable that your goal is to build the best app. No wonder your first step is often to evaluate software development partners.

However, having a website for your app allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

Brand awareness

Here’s the problem: Not all of your ideal users would know your mobile app exists. As such, you need something that can attract and attract potential customers, especially before you launch your app.

Unlimited promotions

Of course, you can publish your mobile app to marketplaces like Google Play and Apple App Store. However, this comes with limitations.

We’re talking about the limited number of screenshots, the number of characters, etc.

Fortunately, having a website allows you to promote your app as much as you want. This includes posting a user-generated introductory video of one of your users.

Direct contact with the customer

Another limitation of app stores is that you cannot establish two-way communication with your users. The best you can do is respond to comments.

On the other hand, having a website allows you to communicate with your users through live chat, social media, and email.

Review of regulated users

In a perfect world, your app should receive rave reviews with 5 stars. But this is often not the case with app marketplaces.

However, you can choose which user reviews to post on your website. This allows you to create social proof and build credibility for your app.

App Store Optimization

Finally, having a website for your mobile app allows you to rank for relevant keywords. This way, you can attract your target users and provide them with as much information as possible.

7 factors to consider when hiring a web hosting provider for your mobile app

Now that you know why having a website can be beneficial for your mobile app, the next step is to create a search engine friendly website. And you can only do that if you hire the best web hosting provider you can afford.

As such, here are seven factors to consider before entering into a deal with a web host:

Needs of your website

The reason for having a website varies from business to business. In your case, it’s about building brand awareness, attracting and converting mobile app users.

As such, you need a reliable web hosting provider. This means that your web host must have at least 99% uptime. Because if your website is still down, you are less likely to attract and convert website traffic to app users.

Renewal price

There’s no denying that we often use pricing as a differentiator when choosing a web hosting provider. However, you should know that it is common for the first year to be cheap.

If you neglect the fine print, the renewal price is often double or triple the original price.

Therefore, you should look at the renewal price when you compare the prices of wen hosts. This allows you to reasonably anticipate your budget.

Availability score

As mentioned earlier, you should choose a web host that guarantees at least 90% uptime. Otherwise, it can hurt your business results.

Amazon went down for 30 minutes in 2013, resulting in a loss of revenue of $ 66,000 per minute. And you don’t want something like that to happen for your mobile app website.

If it’s not about income, downtime can hurt your conversion. It’s like inviting people to a house party, only to find out the address is wrong. And when you can’t convert website visitors to app users, it can affect your profits.


While we can’t predict the future, that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for it. Therefore, you need to make sure that your preferred web host is scalable.

By “scalable” we mean upgrading or downgrading your hosting plan should be a snap.

Backup capacity

In addition to scalability, your web host should perform regular backups. This is useful in case your website gets hacked and you lose crucial data.

Other benefits of backing up your website are:

  1. Troubleshoot update issues.
  2. Reverse plugin compatibility issues.
  3. Prevention of data loss.
  4. Protect your website from hacking.
  5. Ease of migration from one host to another.

Additionally, you need to check if the host provides automatic and manual backups. This way, you can make sure that your website is regularly maintained.

Refund policy

Of course, you would want a web host that can get your money’s worth. However, there is no perfect web host. So, there may come a time when you have to look for another web host.

In this regard, you should check the refund policy of the host. After all, a decent web hosting provider should have a money back guarantee. They differ only in the repayment period.

Some web hosts offer a 30 day money back guarantee, while others give you 90 days. If you can’t find it anywhere on the pricing plan, you can search for it in your hosting provider’s terms of service.

Customer service

You may think of yourself as a tech expert, but there are other aspects of web hosting that are beyond your control. This is where customer support comes in.

That said, check what customer support channels are available for your hosting plan. You can also search for reviews online and focus on people talking about their customer service.

This ensures that you always get what you pay for.

Having a website for your mobile app has its advantages. However, you won’t be able to enjoy these benefits without a reliable web host. If you want to find the hosting provider that matches your needs, you need to keep in mind the seven criteria listed above.


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