Australia Post Online Shopping Report 2022


Australia Post published its Inside Australian Online Shopping 2022 report on Tuesday, showing how the e-commerce sector has developed in 2021 and highlighting trends businesses should watch for in the months ahead.

Here is our overview of the report, in numbers:

The amount Australian shoppers spent online on physical goods in 2021: $62.3 billion

How much more did they spend online than in 2020, in percentage: 23.4%

How many more purchases Australians made online in 2021, compared to 2019 before the pandemic: 73.1%

The value of Australia’s online shopping spend in 2021, as a percentage of total retail spend: 19.3%

The number of Australian households who made at least one online purchase in 2021: 9.2 million

The number of Australian households that made at least one online purchase each month of 2021: 5.4 million

Percentage of Australian online shoppers classified as “super shoppers”, who made at least one online purchase per week: 15.3%

The volume of online purchases made by “super buyers”, as a percentage of the total volume of online sales: 49%

Percentage of online shoppers who say their shopping habits will stay the same or increase in 2022: 93%

Growth in purchases during the working day, made between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.: 11%

Decrease in purchases in the middle of the evening, made between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.: -11%

Percentage of companies with an e-commerce presence planning to increase their capabilities in the next three months: 88%

How many local businesses plan to deploy at least 25% of their future capital expenditure on e-commerce capabilities: one in three

Percentage of shoppers who rate eco-friendly packaging as one of the top three concerns when buying online: 38%

Percentage of companies claiming sustainable practices and products: 88%

Instagram e-commerce revenue growth for footwear retailer Accent Group, FY20-FY21: 123%

Peak athleisure sales as a percentage of total online apparel sales: 3.2% (as of August 2021, at peak of Victoria and New South Wales lockdowns)

Primary Postcode for Specialty Foods and Alcohols, by Purchase Volume: 2020 (Mosman, NSW)


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