Best AI Generated Image Apps to Try (DALL-E Mini Alternatives)


Do you have fun creating AI-generated memes on DALL-E mini? If the website is overloaded, these AI art apps are great options to use temporarily.

People currently on the AI-generated art bandwagon will likely have heard of DALL-E mini and have tried it, and fans of the program who have often struggled with a temporary issue caused by overloading the website are probably wondering if the famous meme creator has an app version. Unfortunately, at the moment there does not seem to be one officially created by the developers of DALL-E mini. However, there are other AI-generated image apps that users can try, either to replace DALL-E mini as the art generator of choice, or to temporarily experiment while waiting for the “too much ​traffic” of the site resolves.


Using AI generators to create modified images is not a brand new concept. However, because of projects like DALL-E mini⁠—which creates a series of nine images based on a user-generated phrase or prompt⁠—the idea of ​​creating fun design mashups and turning them into memes has become quite an addictive past time. Therefore, finding the best apps to create AI-generated art and using them as an alternative to DALL-E mini should make it easier to participate in this new online fashion.

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One of the best options to try and the easiest to use is WOMBO Dream, which creates beautiful works of art in the same way as DALL-E mini. In addition to entering a design prompt, an art style can be chosen and applied to the final result, which makes the app a little better than DALL-E mini as it gives users more control over the overall look of the image. Users can also add an input image for the AI ​​application to use as a reference for the final output and adjust its influence on the part using a slider. Additionally, the Dream app comes with a premium version without ads, has faster art generation times, has more art styles, and can view and download the artwork generation video . Android and iOS device users can use the Dream app without having to worry about website traffic issues.

Some other AI-generated art apps and sites to try

starryai app pages

Starryai is another mobile app option for creating AI-generated image masterpieces on iOS or Android. Before entering an idea prompt, users must choose a preferred AI style. Anything can be typed into the prompt space, even emojis. Additional styles can also be applied, as well as an optional initial image for the AI ​​to start with. What makes starryai a great app is its “Advanced Options” feature, which allows users to set a canvas size, runtime (higher number gives AI more time to develop fully illustrated) and an illustrative model (inspired by real life images or a collection of artwork). It will take some time before the generated art is complete, but unless the runtime is manually changed to be higher, it shouldn’t take longer than generating an image via DALL-E min. Users are also limited to five art creations per day, but can purchase more credits through the app if they want to do more.

Although WOMBO Dream and starryai can also be used to create AI art through a computer web browser, there are other websites to consider when the DALL-E mini-page is overloaded. One of them is NightCafe, and just like starryai, it asks users to choose an algorithm to apply, a starting image to base the art on, modifiers to add, and an aspect ratio setting, for to name a few. A “Seed” option can be changed to improve effects when using certain algorithms. A “video” showcasing the user’s artistic creation can also be generated, and they can change the runtime and output resolution, but these actions will cost credits. Users only get five free credits per day, but they can buy more whenever they want.

These mini DALL-E alternatives can produce similar types of art to the now beloved AI model. Given their style and design-driven functionality, the creations made by the mentioned apps may prioritize art and texture over hilarity and ridiculousness, which seems to be fame. of DALL-E mini. Nevertheless, DALL-E mini fans can have fun experimenting with different rendering styles and tweaking the additional features provided by these apps, ultimately creating a unique AI-generated work of art.

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