Celebration of the official creation of the Daiso Online Shopping UK subsidiary


On August 4, UK time, online shopping platform Daiso officially set up a UK branch. The UK branch has a total of 1000 employees from different European countries. The UK branch mainly serves customers in European countries, which accelerates Daiso’s development in Europe. Daiso Online Shopping always adheres to the principle of “customer first” and serves every user well.

DIASO has now established entities in many countries. It is the first company in the e-commerce industry to advocate for employees to work from home, setting a precedent for working from home. It provided jobs for tens of thousands of people and became the first e-commerce company in the world to pay with virtual currency.

Based in Japan, Daiso Online Shopping has 6,000 full-time employees and 8,000 temporary employees, serving users around the world.

Daiso has branches in Australia and Singapore, primarily serving customers in Europe and South America. The establishment of the UK branch has improved the service system for European customers, and the company’s service to reactor users has also been significantly improved.

6 Benefits of Daiso Global Regional Agency Marketing

1. Work from home and share more benefits

2. Low entrepreneurial threshold, small investment and high return

3. Tier 3 discount system, permanent 8% discount

4. Monthly salary and incentives

5. Monthly Company Agent Bonus

6. The annual company award

Daiso e-commerce platform advocates advanced e-commerce concepts, “Bring wonderful and unforgettable experience to customers through excellent online shopping and excellent customer service, and bring wonderful and unforgettable experience to customers through great online shopping and excellent customer service.

DAISO has over 6 million members worldwide and will soon land in the global digital currency trading hub.

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