Coles shoppers stunned by shopping bag checkout hack


The internet was shocked at how a woman organized her groceries at the checkout to pack them.

TikTok user @peachedcosmetics was on the Coles register when she took a quick video of her treadmill.

The woman placed bags between bunches of groceries to indicate what she wanted in each bag.

“Who else puts their shopping bags in between shopping so the cashier knows what you want them to put in each bag,” the text on the clip asked.

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People were stunned by the clip, which garnered 800 comments and 783,000 views in just 48 hours.

“Yessssss because as a cashier myself it traumatizes me when bags are not packed logically,” one social media user commented.

Another added: “Love it as a cashier. makes my life so much easier. ranked 2nd (1st being self-packers).”

One said, “No, that’s a good idea, but I usually put my crumpled bags back.”

However, shoppers around the world – particularly in the UK and other European countries – have been stunned that Australians aren’t making their own bags at checkout.

One said, “You’re supposed to wrap them yourself.”

Another added: “I would hate for someone to do my shopping! It won’t be wrapped the way I want…and the cashier and I are wasting time.

A third disgruntled customer said, “I’m sorry, what country are the cashiers supposed to pack for you in?”

A spokesperson for the supermarket giant said staff were always happy to pack a certain way for individual customers.

“Coles team members love providing exceptional service to customers who complete their shop,” the spokesperson said.

“If a customer would like their bags packed a certain way, they can mention this to one of our friendly team members at checkout who will be happy to help.”

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