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Relying on technical support from 3D Printing Corporation, DMM’s 3D printing services division, DMM.make, began offering post-processing capabilities for its B2B and B2C online 3D printing services at Japan. DMM.make, which offers online 3D printing services using HP MJF and Markforged CFF technologies among others, has now added AMT’s PostPro3D system for a special surface treatment service to achieve part quality injection molding on 3D printed products.

A finished drone part 3D printed using Markforged Onyx filament.

3D Printing Corporation, headquartered in Yokohama City, is the sole distributor in Japan of the PostPro 3D system for chemical surface treatment. Through a joint venture with, the company is providing technical support for special surface treatment services from January 13, 2021.

Manufacturing with 3D printers has increased significantly in Japan, but due to the surface roughness inherent in parts modeled with 3D printers, such as those based on filament extrusion and even polymer powder bed fusion processes , part quality may be inadequate for some parts or finished products where feel and appearance are important.

The special surface treatment service provided using AMT’s PostPro 3D surface treatment machine will now be included in the “Surface treatment and post-treatment service” of 3D printed products by DMM.make , the 3D printing division of 3D Printing Corporation, AMT’s sole distributor in Japan, will provide technical support for this service.

DMM.make will offer PostPro3D post-processing

Post Pro 3D relies on a chemical treatment using an organic solvent to bring the surface quality of 3D printed products close to the quality of injection molding without significantly altering the dimensions of the part. In addition, it improves mechanical properties such as impermeability, airtightness and paint.

By offering this service to individual users and companies, DMM.make intends to extend the possibilities of applications A to the manufacture of more types of end products. DMM.make will offer optimal surface treatment and post-processing capabilities based on the intended use of products modeled by DMM.make’s 3D printing service or products modeled by customer.


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