Edwards Vacuum Introduces EJGO Smart Vacuum Pump Controller


Photo credit, all images: Edwards Vacuum

Edwards Vacuum (West Sussex, UK) introduces EJGO, a next-generation vacuum pump controller with cloud connectivity and control for industrial vacuum pumps and systems, also applicable to vacuum in infusion processes. EJGO is said to intelligently manage, command, direct and regulate the operation of Edwards vacuum pumps, providing flexible accessibility and optimized control functionality.

With the EJGO vacuum controller, all the necessary pump information and measurements are available in one place, Edwards explains. This includes pump health assessment, vacuum performance and operating economics, multiple Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scores and information cards to monitor vacuum pumps or the system. The all-in-one controller is also said to offer various connectivity options and is able to seamlessly integrate with existing vacuum installations.

When accessing the user-friendly EJGO vacuum controller, the company claims that users can easily retrieve relevant data on a touch HMI or web browser on their laptops, tablets or mobile phones. Data and parameters relevant to the user’s process can be configured and pump performance can be monitored to ensure optimum production. According to Edwards’ April Yan, EJGO is able to generate trend maps, allowing comparisons of multiple metrics across pump cycles and at different times. Additionally, EJGO can set up user information cards and home screen to generate recommendations to take action to extend the life of the vacuum pump, reduce current power consumption, improve the carbon footprint and extend maintenance intervals.

EJGO’s user-friendly connectivity options.

EJGO MC offers advanced central control over multiple vacuum pumps and process for optimized vacuum system management. Available in standard and premium options, the EJGO MC controller is said to control up to 20 vacuum pumps. The EJGO MC is available with an on-board controlled 10″ HMI display and a web browser supported model without an integrated display.

Additionally, EJGO and EJGO MC support a wide range of connectivity options to a customer’s vacuum installation. Users can use their smartphones, tablets, laptops or PCs to access the vacuum pump control functions of EJGO and EJGO MC. They can also access through the on-board HMI interface or a local device connected to the machine using wired or Wi-Fi connections, Edwards explains. A wide range of fieldbus network and communication protocols, such as Ethernet/IP, EtherCat, Profinet, Modbus TCP, Modbus-RTU, Profibus and OPC UA are also supported, ensuring pump integration and central vacuum in a variety of industrial control systems.

EJGO and EJGO MC automatically update with the latest cybersecurity protocols, Edwards notes, for secure networks. Ellipse Curve Cryptography protocols are used for a higher security standard and improved security over other encryption methods. The encryption key is kept on a TPM chip housed in the controller. Any physical alteration of this chip renders it insensitive and prevents further access.

The robust security management mechanism also includes secure cabin operating system, encrypted software, multi-level identity management, partitioned memory and IP table among other cybersecurity features to protect the system suction against unwanted access.


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