Firefox Reality under new management, now called Wolvic


The Firefox Reality browser project is being sued by an “open source consultant” like Wolvic.

Firefox Reality is a web browser for standalone VR and AR headsets, a project by the XR division of Mozilla Labs. It first launched on the Oculus Go store in 2018. In 2019, it launched on Quest and HoloLens 2, and was integrated into HTC Vive Focus. But just a year later, in 2020, Mozilla laid off 250 employees, including staff working on Firefox Reality.

“Open source software consultancy” Igalia says it has taken over management of Firefox Reality and is now calling it Wolvic – with a beta coming next week. He describes Wolvic as “a new branch in the evolutionary tree of the Firefox Reality Browser”. Imanol Fernandez, a former Mozilla Labs engineer, is now part of the Igalia staff working on the project.

Although Firefox Reality is still available on Quest, Go, HoloLens 2, HTC, and Pico devices, it hasn’t been updated for some time. Igalia says that together with Wolvic, it will give the browser “new investment, updates and development”.

Like Quest’s built-in Oculus browser, Wolvic supports WebXR content, meaning you can use it to enter immersive web experiences and 360-degree videos. It features privacy mode, voice search, movie mode, tab resizing, and Igalia plans to keep adding new features.

A beta will launch next week on Quest and Huawei VR Glass, with support for HTC Vive Focus, Pico Neo and Lynx planned for the future.


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