Future of hosting services, Verpex COO Tomer Medina shares hosting knowledge


How hosting is getting simpler and more customer oriented.

Hosting services have come a long way and this promising technological area continues to evolve at a rapid pace as more businesses move online. Although hosting services are rocket science for ordinary laymen, there are innovative companies that are trying to simplify their approach and help customers more easily understand the meaning and purpose of their business. One of them is Verpex, a company founded in 2018. Find out why their approach is different and in tune with what the future of web hosting services is likely to be.

Since its inception, Verpex’s goal has been to make things easier for its customers, as stated by Tomer Medina, the COO of Verpex. The company has always aimed to offer a simple hosting service based on reliable servers and the right number of add-ons while avoiding upselling. The result Verpex has been able to achieve so far is a transparent and fair-priced service that currently covers over 50,000 websites, counting on a team of 50 members.

One element that has played a central role in what has shaped Verpex’s simplified vision is customer support. In this complex area, ensuring reliable support around the clock is essential. With offices located in three countries – UK (London), Bulgaria (Sofia) and Indonesia (Bali), Verpex offers 24/7 support in all time zones. on different channels – ticketing system, phone, email and live chat. The company’s customer approach seems to trigger positive reactions from customers.

To provide hosting services, Verpex relies on a large team of migration specialists and system administrators whose role is to ensure fast and seamless free migrations from any hosting company to Verpex. , as well as rapid deployment for all services.

These specialists have extensive experience in website migrations and deployments, which is how they manage to ensure that everything runs smoothly when customer websites are moved to Verpex. And since many customers dread the idea of ​​downtime, the company offers support every step of the way until the website has been safely migrated to Verpex. The Verpex team can handle all applications hosted by companies these days, having worked not only with WordPress and Magento, but also with Drupal, Joomla, Craft, Prestashop and OSCommerce among others. From small resellers to individual blogs and large corporations that process hundreds of orders every day, they’ve managed projects of all sizes and complexity, now making it easy for them to spot issues and come up with website performance suggestions. .

Another success factor in hosting services, as Tomer points out, is the ability to offer global coverage. Verpex is able to provide hosting worldwide thanks to the 12 servers the company has in different locations on five continents, from Asia to Europe.

Why is this of critical importance to customers? The answer is simple: the closer a website is to the majority of its visitors, the better and faster its user experience will be.

Go to Verpex.com to learn more about its hosting services and white label reseller packages.

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