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A new app called GearFit gives Airmen a direct line to share their feedback on the fitment and usefulness of the equipment they wear to accomplish their missions.

Members can enter their feedback on body armor, harnesses, helmets and more, and it’s instantly shared with the development teams responsible for designing and acquiring that gear.

Taylor Harrison, Combat Ready Airman program manager in the Directorate of Agile Combat Support, joined with Nicole Wright and Sarah Tress with digital skylighton an episode of AFLCMC Leadership Journal Podcast to discuss the new app.

“This program has been super amazing because we’re getting feedback from our Airmen, the end user,” Harrison said. “We don’t just deliver and hope we hit the mark.”

This app, and the Combat Ready Airman program, is designed to help the 91% of Air Force jobs that don’t include aircrew or special ops, who already have programs geared toward their needs.

“We’re just focused on maintainers, security forces, medics, anyone who isn’t aircrew or special ops,” Harrison said.

Currently, equipment is identified at the unit level, resulting in a lack of consistency for equipment across the Air Force. The Combat Ready Airman program seeks to ensure that all equipment is standardized. It could simply provide a list of approved body armor units can choose from.

GearFit was born in 2019 following a AFWERX challenge. Specifically, it was designed to collect anthropometric data on female airmen to better define the requirements and specifications of equipment acquired from industry. The program is now expanded to also collect data from male airmen.

Nicole Wright, GearFit Product Manager, led the Skylight Digital team that worked with Air Force developers at the Business and Enterprise Directorate’s BESPIN software factory to develop the GearFit website.

“We’re working on building the GearFit website and experience. We’re continually releasing new features and iterations on the feedback we hear to get closer to the goal optimization that Taylor was talking about,” Wright said.

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