Google Confirms Critical Security Risk With Chrome, Asks Users To Update Their Web Browsers


Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers in the world. It provides features like home page customization, quick access bookmarks, third party extensions and much more. The web browser has over two billion users around the world and maintaining the security of so many users is a tedious job. That being said, Google recently confirmed a critical security risk with its browser.

After confirming the presence of a security threat, Google warned users to update to the latest version of Chrome. Moreover, the security threat is not minor, as Google suspects that it is actively exploited by bad actors. Such a situation is called a “zero-day hack” because the bad actors still have a chance to exploit systems running on older versions of Google Chrome. Google confirmed the security breach in a blog post that is also making an update to fix it.

What is a zero-day vulnerability?

A hack or zero-day vulnerability is very dangerous because it means that the hackers are aware of the security breach and can take advantage of it before the business or organization recognizes the threat. The security vulnerability detected with Google Chrome is called CVE-2021-37973 and affects users on Windows, macOS and Linux. Additionally, Google is also rolling out Chrome’s stable update 34.0.4606.61.

The Alphabet-owned company has not revealed further details about the security breach as it could be missed by more attackers and hackers. In the blog post posted by Google, the company calls it a Use-After-Free vulnerability. One such security breach arises from the improper use of dynamic system memory when executing a program. After keeping the memory location, if a program does not clear the pointer to the location, the error can be exploited to hack the program.

Google asks users to update their Chrome browsers to the latest version

Google has warned all users of the threat and asked them to upgrade their Chrome web browsers to the latest version. To check if your browser is protected or not, go to the Settings menu of Google Chrome. In the left-aligned menu bar, click About Chrome which appears at the bottom of the list. Check whether Google Chrome is running the latest version or not. If so, then the version should be “Version 94.0.4606.61 (Official Build) (64-bit).”


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