Google is closing Google Bookmarks. Here are alternatives


Google will close its bookmarks service on September 30, 2021. The service will no longer be available thereafter and users who use it have until then to export their bookmarks to save them.

Google Bookmarks is a free bookmarking service from Google available online and through third-party applications. It should not be confused with the bookmarks feature of the Chrome web browser, as it is completely separate from bookmarks.

Google Bookmarks was launched in 2005, before Google Chrome. You can check if you have saved favorites in the service by opening in any web browser.

If you’ve used bookmarks over the years, you might be looking for an alternative. Although you can use your browser’s bookmarks and sync feature, it doesn’t work if you use different browsers or want to access your bookmarks online, no matter what device you are using, such as a terminal that you don’t own.

Alternatives to Google Bookmarks

An alternative to bookmarks should offer a similar feature set, at the very least; it means access through a website and easy bookmark management.

Checked in – Saved is a simple online tool. It requires an account but creating an account is free. Bookmarks can be saved by adding in front of URLs opened in any web browser. These are then saved to your account and you can access all of the main site’s bookmarks at any time using any Internet browser.

Rain drop – Raindrop is available as a free and paid service. It has more to offer than just a bookmarking medium. You can install browser extensions or apps, create collections, use tags and filters, automate backups, and more. Paid members get additional features like full-text search, a duplicate and broken link finder, and cloud backup support.

Pinboard – Pinboard is a commercial bookmarking service that is available for $ 22 per year. Pinboard allows you to add bookmarks from any browser and you can sync data with Instapaper or Pocket. It offers full-text search and dead link checks. Browser plugins are available, as are third party clients.

Mozilla Pocket – Pocket is available in free and commercial version. You can use it to save the content you discover on the web. Pocket saves the links but also makes the articles available on its site in a readable way (only the main content). It has discovery service labels and an archive. Premium version removes advertising, automatically saves article copies, better search capabilities and more.

Now you: do you use bookmarks? How do you manage them?


Google is closing Google Bookmarks.  Here are alternatives

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Google is closing Google Bookmarks. Here are alternatives

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Google will shut down its bookmarks service on September 30, 2021. Here is a list of alternatives you can switch to.


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