Hateful app arrests: he used his laptop until late … often after midnight, says Niraj Bishnoi’s father


The engineering student who was arrested Thursday by Delhi police at his home in Jorhat, Assam, for allegedly creating the Web application targeting Muslim women using Github would always stay for him, glued to his laptop until late at night, according to family members.

According to the police, Niraj Bishnoi is the “main conspirator and creator” of the Bullibai app.

Born and raised in Jorhat, Bishnoi studied at a private school and later at a local engineering school, before obtaining a seat at VIT, Bhopal University. However, he was never able to physically attend classes there. Due to Covid-19, for almost two years, Bishnoi had been taking online classes from his home in Jorhat.

A grocery store owner, his father told The Indian Express that the family was completely unaware of the incidents that led to his arrest. “We have no idea how it happened and we are in shock. We were asleep when the police landed around 11pm on Wednesday,” he said. He said there had to be. to have “an error” in the arrest of his son.

He said his son was still glued to his laptop. “He used his laptop until late… often after midnight. We don’t know what he was doing. My wife and I would often tell him to come down, and he would always say, “Just five more minutes.”

He said Bishnoi was “good at studying – especially computer science” and had no “negative records” during his school years.

“I took him to school on my bike, but he never shared much with me. I haven’t met a single friend of his since he was still in his room and barely left, ”the father said.

Last month, Bishnoi and his mother attended a cousin’s wedding in Rajasthan. “They went to Delhi for 2-3 days and returned to Assam on December 25,” said the father, who is from Rajasthan and who migrated to Assam in 1986 on business.

Bishnoi has two sisters – one studies law and the other mathematics.


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