How to change your name on Zoom


If you’d rather have a different name appear on your video for your next Zoom meeting, you can.

All you have to do is change your display name, and it can easily be done on desktop, mobile, and even in the middle of a meeting. In this guide, we’ll go over all three methods, so you’ll know how to change your name on Zoom no matter what device you’re on or when you choose to do it.

How to change your name on Zoom on computer

If you’re on a PC, the most direct way to change your display name is to log into your Zoom web portal and edit your profile. You can access the web portal by going to in a web browser or by opening your Zoom desktop application, pressing your Profile Picture the icon and selecting My profile in the menu that appears. Selection My profile only opens a web browser for you and automatically takes you to the Zoom web portal login page.

Once logged into the Zoom web portal, here’s how to change your display name:

Step 1: the Profile The tab should already be selected once you are logged in to your Zoom web portal. If not, select the Profile tab in the left menu.

2nd step: Under the Profile section, you should see your name and profile picture. To the right of your name, click To modify.


Step 3: A form will appear to the right of your profile picture. In this form, and under the Display a name section, there will be a text box. Enter your desired display name in this text box.

Changing a Zoom user's display name through the Zoom web portal.


Step 4: Then click on the blue Save button. You have now changed your display name, and the next time you start or join a Zoom meeting, your new name will appear on the screen.

How to change your Zoom name on mobile

You can also change your display name through the Zoom mobile app. This method is a little easier because you can make the changes you need in the app without having to log into the web portal. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open the Zoom mobile app and tap the After icon.

The Zoom mobile app's More button on Android.


2nd step: Your name and profile picture should appear at the top of the After section. Tap your name.

Selecting a user's name in the More section of the Zoom mobile app on Android.


Step 3: Under the My profile section, press Display a name.

Select the Zoom mobile app display name option in the My Profile section.


Step 4: On the Change name screen, and under the Display a name section, there is a text box. Enter the name of your choice in this text box.

The Change Name section of the Zoom mobile app on Android.


Step 5: Faucet Save.

How to Change Zoom Display Names During a Meeting

If you forgot to change your display name before a meeting, don’t worry: Zoom also lets you change your name from meetings in progress. Here’s how:

(Note: Changing your display name during a meeting appears to change your name for that meeting only. Subsequent meetings will display your original name. If you were looking for a more durable display name change, you should consider changing your name via desktop/web portal or mobile methods.)

Step 1: If you’re in the middle of a Zoom meeting in the desktop app, click the Speakers icon at the bottom of your screen.

A Zoom desktop meeting in progress showing its Participants menu and icon.


2nd step: In the Participants side menu that appears, hover over your name and click the After button that appears.

The More button and Rename option in the Zoom desktop app.


Step 3: From the menu that appears, select Rename.

Step 4: Enter the desired name in the dialog box that appears, then click Switch. Now your display name has been changed for the rest of the meeting. It will revert to your original display name after the meeting ends.

You can also follow a similar method to change your name in the middle of the meeting on the mobile app: just tap the icon Speakers icon, tap your name, tap Renamethen type the desired name when the Enter a new screen name dialog box appears. Then press OKAY. As with the desktop app, changing your display name in the middle of a meeting on mobile only changes your name for the duration of that meeting. It will revert to your original name when the meeting is over.

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