How to delete Instagram 2021 [Delete or Deactivate Your Account]


If you have had enough of Instagram, you can either deactivate your account or delete it permanently. Read on to learn all the Instagram removal steps or just to deactivate your account if you want the option to come back.

Whatever your reasoning, whether it’s privacy concerns, mental health issues, or productivity issues, there are many benefits to deleting your Instagram account. Unfortunately, you can’t do this from the app, so follow these steps if you want to learn how to delete Instagram permanently.

Key points to remember:

  • If you are fed up with Instagram, you can either deactivate your account or delete it permanently.
  • Before deleting your account, it is advisable to upload your data through the Instagram app.
  • Once you are ready to delete or deactivate your account, you will need to do so through a web browser.

There are two options if you are looking to get social media out of your life: permanent and temporary. We’ll show you how to do both, as well as how to download your Instagram data so that you don’t lose access to the photos or videos you’ve posted over the years.

How to delete Instagram: first download your data

You may want to download your Instagram data before deleting your account permanently. Once you’re done, all of your messages, stories, and chats will be permanently deleted, with no way to reverse the process.

Doing it is relatively straightforward. Open the Instagram app on your phone, press three line menu icon top right and press “settings”. Of the, select “security”, so “Download data”.

Check that the email displayed is the correct one and press “request download”. You will receive a copy of your data within 48 hours. The email will contain all the photos you posted, but not your messages.

How to permanently delete your Instagram account

While you can request your data through the mobile app, you’ll need to turn to the Instagram website through a web browser – on a computer or mobile device – to delete your account.

  1. Sign into your account
    Instagram account password
  2. Select a reason to delete your account

    You will now see a drop-down menu. Here you can select one of the eight options for why do you want to delete your account. Select one of them.

    desktop instagram page
  3. Enter your password and delete your account

    Your Instagram account will now be invisible to other users, including your followers. If you change your mind about deleting your account, you have 30 days to log back in with your username and password to reverse the deletion.

    permanently delete instagram

How to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account

If the permanent deletion of your account seems a little too permanent, you can also temporarily deactivate your Instagram account, which gives you the option of reactivating it later. As with deleting an account, you will need to do it on your computer or through a mobile browser.

  1. Log into your Instagram account

    Go to on your computer’s web browser or on a mobile browser. Enter your login details and click on the “Connect” button.

    temporarily deactivate account login
  2. Access your profile

    Click on your profile picture at the top right of the browser window and Choose a profile. “

    person icon
  3. Edit your profile

    Once on your profile page, click on the button that says “Edit profile.”

    Edit profile
  4. Request to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link that says “Temporarily deactivate my account”.

    temporarily deactivate my account
  5. Provide a reason to deactivate your account

    Select an option from the drop-down menu. You will then be asked to Enter your password again. Do it and then click or tap the button that says “Temporarily deactivate the account”.

    Reenter password

With this, your Instagram account is deactivated. This means that it won’t be searchable by other users, and you won’t be able to reconnect without re-enabling it.

Final thoughts: leaving Instagram

Overall, deleting or deactivating your Instagram account is a fairly straightforward process. Unfortunately, there is no way to do this in the iPhone or Android app, but having to use a browser only makes the removal process a bit more complicated.

What did you think of our guide to delete your Instagram account? Did the step by step guide clarify the process or are you still having difficulty? Finally, what made you want to delete or deactivate Instagram? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, thanks for reading.

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