How to Play Built-in Browser Games in Chrome, Opera GX, Edge, Firefox, and Vivaldi


There are many websites where you can play free online games. However, did you know that some web browsers include their own built-in games?

Google Chrome, Opera GX, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Vivaldi each include a built-in game, but they’re pretty well hidden. Here’s how you can enable each browser’s built-in game.


What is an in-browser game?

An embedded browser game is a game embedded in web browser software. As these games are built-in, you don’t need any kind of browser extensions to play them.

These games can also be played offline without an internet connection. Some browsers, like Google Chrome, will also offer other types of offline games.

You can activate most of these built-in games by opening tabs for them with their browser’s URL bars. However, the activation process for Firefox’s Unicorn Pong game is a bit different. Although in-browser games are generally relatively basic affairs, you can still have fun with them.

How to Play Chrome’s Built-in Dinosaur Game

Google Chrome’s dinosaur game is a 2D endless runner type game where you can save scores by jumping a T-Rex over desert obstacles to keep running for longer. It is one of the poorest built-in browser games in terms of graphics and sound which is primitive even by ZX Spectrum standards. Nevertheless, Dinosaur Game has some playability value.

To play Dinosaur Game, type chrome://dino/ in the address bar of Google Chrome and press Walk in. Hurry Space to start the game. Keep pressing Space to jump the T-Rex over the cactus plant obstacles to get a higher score.

You can also play a color variant of the game on the T-Rex Chrome Dinosaur website. This site tells you the story of the dinosaur game and even includes wallpapers for it. Click it play now banner link to select a Color option for dinosaur game.

There are other variations of the Chrome Dinosaur game that you can also play. You can choose to play Mario, Batman, and Joker versions of the same game from the same page. Additionally, web designers can copy code snippets for game variants from there into their websites.

To download: Google Chrome (Free)

How to play Firefox’s built-in Unicorn Pong game

Firefox has a Unicorn Pong game you can play. Unlike other built-in browser games, you cannot activate this one from the browser’s URL bar. Instead, you’ll need to enable it in the Customize Firefox tab in the following steps:

  1. Click Firefox Open the apps menu button on the far right of this browser’s URL toolbar.
  2. Select More tools to display this submenu.
  3. Click on Customize toolbar to open the tab in the screenshot directly below.
  4. Drag all toolbar items except one into the overflow menu box as in the screenshot below. The flex space is the only toolbar item that you should not drag into the overflow menu area.
  5. Click on the little unicorn button that you should then see at the bottom of the Customize Firefox tongue. Now Unicorn Pong game will start.

Press left and right arrow keys to move your flexible space box and hit the unicorn ball. You will get five unicorn balls in total. Hit more than five unicorns beyond the opposite flex space square to win.

To download: Mozilla Firefox (Free)

How to play Edge’s built-in surf game

The Microsoft Edge Surf game is where you have to surf around all kinds of obstacles in the sea. It gives you three lives to allow your surfer to travel ever greater distances. Although Surf has no sound, it’s a more colorful built-in game than those of Firefox and Chrome.

To start playing Surf, click in the Microsoft Edge URL bar, type board://surfand press the Come back button. Next, the Surf game title screen will appear from which you can select different surfers by clicking the left and right arrow buttons. Double-click or press Space to start playing after choosing a surfer.

You can control the surfer by pressing left/right arrow keys or moving the mouse cursor. Surf also supports Xbox One controllers. Move the surfer on the ramps to jump over obstacles and slightly increase your speed.

The Surf game saves your highest distance score. You can see your record score by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the game. This button opens a menu from which you can also select an alternative Against the watch and Zigzag fashions.

Windows 11 and 10 users won’t need to download Edge since this browser comes bundled with those platforms. However, users such as Apple macOS users who do not have Edge can download this browser from the Microsoft page linked below.

To download: Microsoft Edge (Free)

How to Play Opera GX’s Built-in Operius Game

Opera GX is a game-optimized version of the Opera browser. One of the reasons you should use Opera GX is to play its built-in Operius game. Operius is a 3D space shooter where players blast blocks to rack up higher scores. With its (basic) 3D graphics and groovy soundtrack, Operius is a cut above other built-in browser games.

You can play Operius by entering opera://operius in the address bar of the Opera GX website and pressing Come back. Then press the Space button to select Arcade Mode and get started! You can control your spaceship by pressing left/right arrow or A and D keyboard keys on the keyboard.

To download: Opera GX (Free)

How to Play Vivaldi’s Vivaldia Game

Vivaldi is a great browser packed with new features that you don’t get in Chrome. This browser has a built-in game in the form of Vivaldia. Vivaldia is a cyberpunk-style endless runner where you control a futuristic bike armed with guns. Its game format is similar to Dinosaur Game, but Vivaldia has better visuals and sounds than Chrome’s offering.

If you don’t have Vivaldi yet, download the installer for this browser from the link below. Walk in vivaldi://game in Vivaldi’s ULR bar and pressing Come back will launch Vivaldia. Press the left mouse button when you see the message “Click to play”. Then press the Space button to start playing Vivaldia.

The Vivaldia title screen shows all the game controls. Just to reiterate them, press the arrow or O, A, Sand D keys to move and NOT and M shoot your guns. You will often have to press the up arrow key to jump many obstacles and collect coins. You can also play in full screen by clicking on the button at the top left of the Vivaldia game.

To download: Vivaldi (Free)

Have fun in your browser!

You can have fun in Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera GX, Firefox and Edge with the above built-in browser games even offline. They might be pretty basic games, but they’re still great additions to their respective browsers. So, check them out if you ever get bored waiting for software and files to download while browsing.


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