How to Schedule Email in Gmail Using Desktop Browser and Android App


Here’s everything you need to know about scheduling an email in Gmail through a desktop browser and Android app.

The email schedule was established by Gmail in April 2019. The feature allows the user to compose an email and send it to the recipient at an exact date and time in the future. It is available in mobile apps and browsers. It also offers an option to preset dates and times on the sender’s side as a useful tool for a variety of situations.

Users can schedule 100 emails at a time in the “Scheduled” tab of the navigation panel. Emails can be edited at any time.

Here are the steps to schedule emails on Gmail through desktop browser:

  • Open the web browser and type
  • Now sign in to your Gmail account if you are not signed in.
  • Select the Compose option and write it with the recipient’s e-mail identifier.
  • Then, instead of clicking send, tap the little drop-down arrow next to the send button.
  • And then click Schedule Shipment.
  • You will be presented with some predefined options for the next few days.
  • Then click on it and your email will be programmed.
  • If you want to choose a date and time, click Choose date and time instead.
  • You can check on the calendar where you can select the date you want to schedule the mail. You can also enter the date in the text field manually with the time.
  • Finally, tap Schedule Sending and your email will be scheduled for that date and time.

Here are the steps to schedule an email on Gmail through a mobile app:

  • Open your Gmail app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Select the Compose mail option.
  • And you can compose your mail with the recipient’s email id.
  • In the upper right corner, tap the three-dot menu.
  • Then click Schedule Shipment.
  • You can display a few current options as well as a date and time option for selection.
  • Tap Choose date and time to manually enter a date and time.
  • Finally, select the desired date and time, then click Schedule Send.

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