I visited an Amazon Fresh for the first time – my review has divided the internet


A Shopper shares a review after visiting an Amazon Fresh store for the first time, but his thoughts on the tech-heavy store have divided the internet.

The TikToker documented his visit in a video and shared his honest thoughts on the platform.


TikToker’s review of an Amazon Fresh store has the internet dividedCredit: TikTok/@dapoets
Many wonder if new technology will lead to job loss


Many wonder if new technology will lead to job lossCredit: TikTok/@dapoets

“Love the technology of Amazon Fresh,” says TikToker @DaPoets to start the video, pointing outside the store.

He then walks through the store putting items in his basket. But this is no ordinary basket.

Items are automatically scanned when placed there. Next, a screen in front of the cart’s handlebar updates the customer’s total bill.

The TikToker puts a handful of items in the cart before it hits the toilet paper aisle.

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There, he throws a packet of toilet paper into his basket to see if the item will still be automatically scanned, even if it is not correctly placed in the basket. The item was scanned and the screen showed an updated total.

At the end of their visit, the buyer drives through the Amazon Dash Cart Lane.

Although the technology is not explained in detail, the shopper rolls their cart down the lane for cardless, contactless payment.

The screen on the cart shows a final total and a “payment processing” screen as he continues to roll his cart down the lane.

“Honestly, it couldn’t have been easier,” he said, holding up his grocery bags.

The video has been viewed over 715,000 times.

Some TikTokers were quick to comment to better understand @DaPoets’ experience. Others wondered how technology would affect workers.

“The prices don’t seem inflated either. Price comparison with your normal purchases? asked a TikToker.

“Reasonable prices,” @DaPoets replied.

“This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen,” someone else wrote.

Some reviewers called the store and the tech “useless,” while another said, “I like tech, but I like humans more.”

“Meanwhile, Amazon employees are fighting for basic rights,” another added.

“I wonder how many workers this will displace,” wrote another.

“Talk about not having a job in 10 years,” said another TikToker.

@DaPoets responded by saying “someone has to build and maintain the tech, stock the shelves, fulfill the orders.”

The Sun has reached out to Amazon for comment in response to some of viewers’ concerns and has yet to hear back.

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