Juvo Ventures launches its second “Bridge to Success” program


As a black female entrepreneur, it is invaluable to have the backing and backing of a company that is both deeply invested in my success as a Founder and the results of the candidates we work with. Juvo’s Bridge to Success program was the catalytic event that led to our successful fundraising round.

Juvo Ventures, the double-bottomed venture capital firm focused on improving quality, access and outcomes across the lifecycle of workplace education, today announced its second program Bridge to Success. Bridge to Success is a unique, four-month immersive development program for founders of high-impact tech startups. Applications will be accepted until October 17, 2021 via JuvoVC.com, the company’s website. Juvo expects to accept 6-10 applicants for the highly competitive program.

Juvo invests significant time and resources in successful Bridge to Success start-ups, helping ed-tech founders refine their business growth strategy to raise Series A funds. The program includes sessions one-on-one mentoring with Juvo Co-Founders and Managing Partners Maia Sharpley and André Bennin, in-depth strategy sessions designed to help Bridge to Success companies solidify a plan of action and grow their reach in the industry, and hours offices open weekly for advertising. -hoc support as needed. The cohort of founding entrepreneurs collaborate and learn from unique perspectives and shared experiences.

“With Juvo’s dual-bottom line investment objective, we seek to develop businesses that use innovative new technologies to expand access to education and careers to a wide range of students, families and communities. job seekers, ”said the co-founder and managing partner of Juvo Ventures. Maia Sharpley. “The Bridge to Success program identifies the best new players in electronic technology on the path to success and instills the leadership of these companies with support to grow; we seek to expand and diversify the field through our structured and immersive development program.

In 2020, Juvo launched Bridge to Success. The inaugural Bridge to Success cohort of companies included six leading technology-based education companies, all of which applied the strategies learned in the program to successfully position themselves for their Series A funding cycle.

“Coaching our cohort of Bridge to Success founders is one of my favorite aspects of my role,” said André Bennin, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Juvo. “An integral part of the Bridge to Success program pulls the curtain for founders on Juvo’s investment process, providing visibility into investor expectations so that each startup can reassess and tighten its value propositions and be the best prepared. to launch a Series A fundraiser.

Lateesha Thomas, co-founder of Onramp and a member of the inaugural 2020 Bridge to Success cohort, said: and the results of the candidates we work with. Our participation in Juvo’s Bridge to Success program was the catalytic event that led to the success of our fundraising round this year. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Juvo team for years to come.

Will Fan, Bridge to Success 2020 Cohort Member, Founder of NewCampus, added: “Juvo’s Bridge to Success program has been an absolute accelerator for NewCampus. In 6 weeks, the workshops and one-on-one discussions completely reshaped the way we approached our story, prepared our finances, and overall how we positioned NewCampus for Series A. Dre, Maia and the rest of the team understand what it takes to build a world class future of work and learning. We are incredibly lucky and delighted to see them play for our team. ”

To be eligible, start-ups applying for Bridge to Success must meet the following criteria:

  • Focus on technology-based education solutions from infancy to adult
  • Diversified management
  • The start-up stage tour (s) have already been completed and passed; currently preparing for series A
  • Over $ 500,000 in recurring revenue
  • Founding candidates must be available for an immersive program between November 2021 and February 2022

Eligible start-ups are encouraged to apply by the October 17 deadline at https://www.juvovc.com/bridge-to-success/

About Juvo

Juvo Ventures is a dual-bottom line venture capital firm focused on early stage technology education businesses throughout the workplace education lifecycle that improve quality, access and outcomes. Juvo’s goal is to catalyze a global initiative to develop innovation that will redefine education that improves quality, expands access and optimizes outcomes for the next century and beyond. More information is available at JuvoVC.com. For company updates, follow Juvo Ventures on LinkedIn.

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