Lebanon – Q&A from the press briefing (January 28, 2021)


Q: Amnesty International calls on France to halt arms sales to Lebanon, arguing that French-made tear gas, rubber bullets and grenade launchers are being used in the country to quell protests. What is your response to this request?

A : Applications for authorization to export classified equipment usable for law enforcement purposes are subject to great vigilance and are examined on a case-by-case basis by the French authorities, in accordance with their international commitments. This is particularly the case in Lebanon, which is going through a serious economic, social and political crisis, and whose stability is crucial for the entire region. France regularly reaffirms its attachment to respect for the right of the Lebanese people to demonstrate peacefully.

France, like its main partners, also provides unrelated law enforcement support to the Lebanese Armed Forces, as well as the Internal Security Forces, to help them preserve sovereignty, independence and stability of Lebanon, as well as to dissociate the country from regional relations crisis.

France is mobilized to help resolve the crisis in Lebanon and stands alongside the Lebanese people, as it has always done.


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