Liberated Syndication & AdvertiseCast present the X Fronts 2021


PITTSBURGH – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Liberated Syndication Inc. (LSYN) (“Libsyn” or “the Company”), the industry’s leading podcast hosting and advertising marketplace, will present with Broadcast Announcement the X Fronts 2021 which will take place on October 28, 2021. The X Fronts are produced by work x work, a leading creative agency working at the crossroads of culture, sound and branding.

Following its debut in 2020, the X Fronts will once again represent the power of the independent podcasting movement. This year’s event will feature over 15 of the industry’s most innovative independent networks. Bringing together publishers large and small with the industry’s largest advertisers and media buyers will shine a light on podcast content that can reach niche audiences that media buyers want to target. The full day of virtual presentations will highlight the new shows, seasons and rising stars of podcasting.

Libsyn, with its recently acquired advertising marketplace AdvertiseCast, will join over 60 other market leaders at the virtual event, including Lemonada Media, Qcode, Studio71, Talkhouse, Wonder Media Network, Loud Speakers Network, Osiris, Fable & Folly , DCP Entertainment, OSSA Collective, Pleasure Podcasts, Sonar Network, Betches Media and Headgum, among others. The conference will offer six hours of fast-paced programming featuring industry information and trend sessions in a flash format.

Today’s programming list includes:

  • Content presentations from leading independent podcast networks including AdvertiseCast, QCODE, Lemonada Media, Gumball, Studio71, Betches and more.

  • Orientation session on advertising trends to niche audiences.

  • Talkhouse leads a conversation about music podcasting with Open Mike Eagle, Adia Victoria and Aquarium Drunkard.

  • Interviews with independent podcasting pioneers including Jordan Harbinger and Jeffrey Cranor.

  • Demystifying the “Truths” of Audio Advertising with Bryan Barletta of Profitable Sounds.

  • Julián Castro, Touré, Erica Mandy, Juleyka Lantigua-Williams and 60 other talented podcasters on their latest projects.

  • Hosted by Damona Hoffman of Dates & Mates.

Dave Hanley, AdvertiseCast Revenue Director, said: “The AdvertiseCast and Libsyn team consider it an honor to be the main partners of the X Fronts this year. The event presents a unique opportunity for publishers to showcase their latest shows and brand partnership opportunities to the industry’s leading advertisers. The spirit of the X Fronts is fully aligned with our goal of advancing the independent podcast ecosystem while bringing transparency to the podcast advertising market. ”

“The undercurrent of podcasting is fueled by the independent spirit,” said Scott Newman, Founder and Creative Director of work x work. “We all have the power to tell our own stories, to build communities around our ideas and to make our voices heard in the quiet corners of our culture. Work x work is united with the voices that shape our culture.

The X Fronts is also presented in partnership with Acast (, Red circle (, simplified distribution ( and Triton (

To register for free for The X Fronts, which takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET, visit

About work x work

work x work is a full-service creative agency that amplifies the world’s biggest brands through storytelling, design and experiences. We believe in the power of authenticity, which is why we help organizations develop their true voice and story. We also own and operate podcasting’s premier cultural event, On Air Fest.

About the released syndication

Liberated Syndication Inc. (“Libsyn”) is a leading podcast hosting and advertising marketplace that has been providing publishers with hosting, distribution and monetization services since 2004. Libsyn hosts over 5, 8 million media files from over 75,000 podcasts and delivered over 6 billion downloads in 2020. Podcast producers choose Libsyn to measure their audiences via IAB V2 certified statistics, stream popular audio and video episodes, distribute their content through smartphone apps (iOS and Android) and monetize through premium subscription services and advertising. The Company also owns Auxbus, Glow, Pair Networks and AdvertiseCast, the industry’s leading podcast advertising marketplace connecting advertisers to podcasters.

The brands powered by Libsyn help all creators podcast better by providing innovative tools for creation, hosting, growth and monetization. Visit Libsyn on the web at; Auxbus to; AdvertiseCast to; and pair the networks to

Investors can visit the Company in the “Investor Relations” section of Libsyn’s website at

Liberated Syndication is headquartered in Pittsburgh with a world class team and global reach.


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