Microsoft: Please stop using Internet Explorer before it goes out of support next month


Microsoft announced in mid-2021 that it would be retiring the company’s Internet Explorer 11 browser in most versions of Windows in June 2022. That day is approaching, and although many home users and organizations have switched to d ‘other browsers, some have not migrated to another browser.

Microsoft is asking organizations to set a retirement date for Internet Explorer before June 15, 2022 to ensure company employees won’t face any issues when IE retires.

Internet Explorer 11 will no longer start on its retirement date and Microsoft Edge will load automatically, according to Microsoft. The company suggests that the new Microsoft Edge web browser be used by organizations instead, as it supports legacy features of Internet Explorer through its IE Mode feature.

IE mode can load local and remote content requiring specific Internet technologies. Modern web browsers such as Edge, Chrome or Firefox do not support these technologies and services may fail to load completely or functionality may be limited when using these browsers.

Only Microsoft Edge supports IE mode, making it an essential app for organizations that need to access content that requires specific Internet Explorer technologies.

Microsoft recommends the following preparations to set a retirement day for Internet Explorer 11:

  1. IE Mode Test to make sure everything is set up correctly and working. Sites should be tested in IE mode to ensure that it works properly and that workflows continue to work in the mode. IT administrators can drive the change with groups of users, for example, using the Disable IE policy to make Edge the default application immediately on certain systems.
  2. Set a date for retirement if Internet Explorer in the organization. Using the Disable IE policy, organizations can set a retirement date for IE before June 15th. Microsoft recommends a retirement date that is several weeks before the end of browser support date.
  3. Inform users and import data. Employees should be aware of the change as data needs to be migrated from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. Microsoft recommends users to import their date from IE to Edge before the retirement date. Users can upload bord://parameters/importData in the Edge address bar and select Microsoft Internet Explorer to start importing data from the browser.
  4. Deploy policy that blocks Internet Explorer.

Closing words

Internet Explorer’s usage share is already relatively low. Only Microsoft knows the real numbers, but most third parties that publish browser stats see them below 0.50% of the overall market. Edge is already the default browser on Windows 11, and it seems likely that most home users have already moved on.

Organizations still using Internet Explorer have six weeks to migrate to Edge, before it happens automatically. IE chapter will be closed on June 15, 2022 for the most part


Microsoft: Please stop using Internet Explorer before it goes out of support next month

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Microsoft: Please stop using Internet Explorer before it goes out of support next month

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Microsoft is asking organizations to stop using Internet Explorer before it retires in June 2022.


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