Missouri families invited to learn more about full-time online school


Missouri Connections Academy welcomes new and returning students in 2022-2023

Finding the school environment that best suits your student is an important decision. So I invite families to join us and see how learning in a real virtual classroom can make a difference.

Missouri Connections Academy, a statewide institution, tuition free online public school, today began its third year of operation for the 2022-2023 academic year. As many parents continue to consider different academic options for their children, Missouri Connections Academy offers families the opportunity to get more information about learning in a virtual classroom.

Those who want to know if a full-time online school is right for their child are invited to attend an upcoming online briefing Thursday, September 22 at 6 p.m. CDT. During the session, families will have the opportunity to talk to staff members, learn how the online classroom works, and how teachers engage and support students.

“Finding the school environment that’s best for your student is a big decision, so I invite families to join us and see how learning in a real virtual classroom can make a difference,” Lynsie said. Hunt, school principal of Missouri Connections Academy. “Families find stability in our virtual school and enjoy how our individualized approach allows their children to learn and ultimately take ownership of their school experiences.”

The virtual school is ideal for a variety of students and each student is unique. Those who attend Missouri Connections Academy come from different backgrounds and choose the full-time online school for a variety of reasons. Some students prefer to take ownership of their education and benefit from the flexibility virtual school provides, while others seek a cohesive and safe learning environment.

David and Heather Smith, of Imperial, Missouri, have three children enrolled at Missouri Connections Academy. Each of them has different needs, interests and learning styles. As the 2020-21 school year was about to begin, exposure to COVID-19 became a serious concern given that they have a medically fragile child. The Smiths knew they needed to seek out virtual education opportunities for their family.

“Our family is in the unique situation of dealing with autism, ADHD and medical complications. Finding the right school for our children was a great comfort knowing that they would be educated by quality instructors in a safe environment” , Heather said, “Our children receive more individualized attention from their instructors and have been able to adjust their learning environment to accommodate their sensory and learning differences in ways that could not be accomplished within the framework. of a traditional classroom.”

Missouri Connections Academy recently received very high marks and is considered a high-quality academic option according to its 2021-2022 Parent Satisfaction Survey, an annual third-party survey that offers families the opportunity to review their experience with the public. full time online. school.

Ninety-eight percent of parents who responded said they thought the Missouri Connections Academy program was high quality. Ninety-six percent of parents would recommend Missouri Connections Academy to parents whose children are not enrolled in the program. Ninety-seven percent of parents also agree that their children are satisfied with the program.

Additionally, 96% of parents say Missouri Connections Academy’s technology tools enhance their child’s learning experience. The same percentage of parents also agree that their children are making good progress and that teachers are improving the learning experience.

Registration for Missouri Connections Academy for the 2022-2023 school year is still open. A full schedule of local online events as well as more information about Missouri Connections Academy can be found at http://www.MissouriConnectionsAcademy.com or by calling 1-(800) 382-6010.

Survey methodology

Connections Academy conducts the annual Parent Satisfaction Survey to find out how parents, guardians and learning coaches rate the program in several key areas. The 2022 survey was conducted from January 19 to February 26 by Shapiro + Raj, an independent market research company that created the questionnaire, collected the data and compiled the results. Parents and guardians of all students enrolled at the time of the survey were invited to complete the online survey. A WebMail invitation was sent to each parent or guardian, and one response per household was submitted.

About Missouri Connections Academy

Missouri Connections Academy (MOCA) is a unique, tuition-free, online public school for K-12 students. Every day, we create a high-quality educational experience that keeps students motivated and engaged in a safe virtual learning environment. In addition to academics, teachers focus on emotional well-being and social development, working closely with families to help students learn how they learn best. Here, students gain the skills and confidence they need to lead their own educational journey, learning to thrive in the real world by first learning to be resourceful and resilient. For more information, call 1-800-382-6010 or visit http://www.MissouriConnectionsAcademy.com.

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