National Weather Service organizing Winter Weather Awareness Week



NEW YORK (WWTI) – The National Weather Service and New York State Office of Emergency Management are highlighting key safety measures so New Yorkers can stay safe this winter. They will focus on several security topics in honor of Winter Weather Awareness Week which runs until November 6.

The NWS has warned that winter storms and sub-zero temperatures pose a threat to New York residents. According to their website, an emergency such as a winter storm, flood, power outage, or terrorist act can happen quickly and without warning.

They suggested that families develop an emergency plan to prepare for dangerous situations. They also advise residents to stock up on emergency supplies. The NWS stressed the importance of having supplies for three days, as electricity, heating, air conditioning and telephone services may not work in an emergency. Residents should also have access to bottled water, non-perishable foods, flashlights, batteries and a battery-powered radio.

Their last suggestion to kick off the week was to be aware and pay attention to the news. Local radio and television stations can provide residents with up-to-date information about emergencies. Residents can be immediately notified of threatening conditions through a state program called New York Alert. The program sends warning and emergency information through the web, cell phone, email, and other technologies.

Each day of the week will focus specifically on different emergencies and how residents can prepare for them. Monday will provide information on winter storm preparedness, Tuesday will focus on heavy snow, Wednesday will cover ice storms, Thursday will cover flood and ice jams, Friday will cover watches, warnings and advisories, and Saturday will pass. reviewing all the information provided throughout the week.

Information on the whole week and specific topics is available on the website National Weather Service website.



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