New Microsoft Edge feature will bring even more performance to Windows 11


The latest edition of Microsoft Edge is expected to feature a new disk caching feature which the company claims will provide a big performance boost while minimizing its storage footprint.

A disk cache is used by browsers to store resources retrieved from the web so that they can be quickly accessed later if needed. the larger the cache size, the greater the likelihood that the requested resource can be fetched from disk, which is often faster than fetching the same resource from the network.

However, especially on systems with low disk space, a large cache may slow down the whole machine more broadly.

Microsoft Edge Disk Caching

Microsoft says the new feature will automatically compress disk caches on some devices, and that this compression will apparently save on disk space needed for cached content.

Since the contents of these caches are often highly compressible, according to Microsoft, compression increases the likelihood that the requested resource can be retrieved from disk.

The tech giant said the new feature will only be automatically implemented on devices that pass its eligibility checks, to ensure the compression will be beneficial without degrading performance.

The feature will appear in Microsoft Edge 102, which is expected to roll out to users soon, along with a number of upgrades and new tools.

Although Microsoft Edge has long been Google Chrome‘s underdog in terms of popularity, its user base has grown, at least in some markets.

Research conducted by Tech Radar Pro in collaboration with Perimeter 81, found that Microsoft Edge was the preferred web browser for 37.77% of enterprises, beating the bracket by 33.01% property of Google Chrome.

Microsoft has been constantly active in terms of rolling out new features for the browser.

These include “new synergies” with the rest of its product rangewhich he says will help users to constantly switch between windows while performing tasks.


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