Not Safari, Google Chrome is now the fastest web browser on macOS


Google has been working hard to improve the performance of its Chrome web browser. Before its hundredth update drops in the coming months, the company recently released the Chrome 99 update. And the latest update ended up achieving a major feat. Chrome is now the fastest web browser on Apple’s macOS desktop platform, beating the native Safari browser in the process.

Google Chrome is the fastest web browser on macOS

In a recent official blog post, Google bragged about the performance of Chrome 99 on Mac. The company said it tested latest Chrome v99 update with Speedometer 2.0 benchmarking tool, which was developed by Apple’s Safari team to test the performance of web browsers. Well, Chrome got the highest score yet. Speedometer 2.0 recreates common web application operations to check the responsiveness of a web browser.

“We’re thrilled to report that in M99, Chrome on Mac earned the highest score to date of any browser – 300 – in Apple’s Speedometer benchmark, which rates a browser’s responsiveness.” wrote Google in the blog post.

We tested the performance of the latest Chrome 99 on Windows 11 using the Speedometer 2.0 tool. It was able to score 151, half of what Google says Chrome 99 scored on macOS.

Now, one of the major changes that improved the performance of Chrome 99 on macOS involves enabling a build optimization technique called ThinLTO this “inline critical parts of the codebase, even when they span multiple files or libraries”according to Google. “The result? An additional general speed bump that makes Chrome 7% faster than current versions of Safari,” says the company.

Google also mentioned that Chrome graphics performance has been improved by 15% on macOS with the latest update, thanks to the ThinLTO technique. This would be useful for websites that rely on 3D renderings or those that manipulate images and videos. It is also revealed that Chrome has become 43% faster on Mac than 17 months ago.

While benchmarks aren’t the ultimate deciders of a browser’s speed, they at least give Google Chrome a slight edge over Safari. Let us know your thoughts and experience running Chrome 99 on your macOS device in the comments below.

Source: excerpt from Beebom.


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