Notice 26: Requests for official or historical copies made by telephone to a customer support center


Notice given under Schedule 2 of the Land Registration Rules 2003

References to Land Registration Rules 2003

1 In this notice, a reference to a rule or annex by number is a reference to the rule or annex so numbered in the Land Registration Rules 2003 (SI 2003/1417), as amended from time to time. other.

Currency of the notice

2. This notice is issued under Rule 132 and Schedule 2 and will be current for Schedule 2 purposes as of July 16, 2020.

Telephone inquiries

3.Requests may be made by telephone to the HMLR Customer Support Center at the number provided from time to time on the HMLR website.

Service available

4. Arrangements have been made to process the following telephone inquiries in accordance with this notice:

(a) requests for an official copy of the register or plan of ownership under Rule 134;

(b) requests for an official copy of an act or document under Rule 135;

(c) requests for a historical copy of the register or the property plan under Rule 144.

When the service is available

5. Telephone inquiries in accordance with this notice may be made at any time the HMLR Customer Care Center telephone service is available.

Limitations on who can apply

6.Requests may be made under this notice by citizen customers only. For the purposes of this notice, citizen means a natural person acting on their own behalf who is not a assignor within the meaning of Rule 217 (a).


7.Application fees must be paid by credit or debit card at time of application. The Customer Support Center will transfer the call from the requester to a payment provider who will pay the fees.

Other conditions and limitations on applications

8.Each applicant shall provide the information requested by a member of the HM Land Register as required in the form prescribed for the application when made by post, exchange of documents or personal delivery.

Application result

9. If an application including payment is accepted, the requested official or historical copy will be delivered to the applicant by mail.

Mike Harlow
General Counsel and Deputy Chief Registrar
July 16, 2020


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