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NEW YORK, United States, December 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Analytical thinking and innovation are the most in-demand skills in today’s global market, according to the World Economic Forum, and more than half of the country’s employees will need to be retrained by 2025. As the As digital transformation is accelerating, organizations need professionals who can identify opportunities through data analysis.

One example driving this demand is the need for businesses to have a first party data strategy amid privacy concerns and new regulations. Earlier this year, Google (which holds 90 percent of the global search engine market) announced that it would phase out third-party cookies on Chrome browsers by 2023. The move follows similar protection initiatives from privacy previously implemented by Safari and Firefox.

Online cookies: what are they?
Cookies are pieces of information stored by your Internet browser. When you visit a website, it places a cookie on your web browser to recognize your device in the future. First-party cookies are placed on a user’s device by the website they are visiting. Third-party cookies are set by a third party outside of the website they visit.

For years, brands have used third-party cookies to track website visitors, improve the user experience, and collect data that helps them target ads to the right audiences. Forward-thinking organizations are realizing we’re heading for a cookie-free future and are hiring data experts to transform the information they collect firsthand.

St. Bonaventure’s online Master of Science in Business Analysis program explores the changes companies are making to support privacy. Students gain hands-on experience with major analytical tools and technologies such as SQL, Python, and Tableau. Graduates can apply business analysis tools and software to datasets and solve complex business problems, such as abandonment of third-party data.

St Bonaventure University is dedicated to the Franciscan values ​​of compassion, wisdom and integrity, which are found in the online master’s program in Business Analysis by providing students with an ethical framework for approaching data. Delivered fully online, students can balance their existing commitments by connecting anywhere, anytime. They can tailor their degree by taking various elective courses such as finance, communication, leadership, cybersecurity, marketing, etc. The program is competitively priced and strategically designed to prepare students for in-demand roles working with Big Data.

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