Online store Redbubble ordered to pay Hells Angels $78,000

Online retailer Redbubble was ordered to pay $78,000 in damages to the Angels of Hell to sell items displaying the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang logo.
The court decision was the second against Redbubble in three years, after being penalized $5,000 for selling items marked with the Hells Angels symbol in 2019.

Redbubble argued that it had undertaken moderation, removing certain items that had been emblazoned with the skull name and symbol.

Items making unauthorized use of the Hells Angels patch have been found for sale online. (New)

But Federal Court Judge Anthony Greenwood said that while Redbubble had taken “a number of steps” to prevent infringement, it clearly didn’t work.

“The fact is that its business model allows driving,” he said in his judgment.

“Redbubble seeks to address the conduct within the confines of its business model, but its business model drives the conduct subject to this proceeding.”

Greenwood acknowledged that Redbubble derived “very little financial benefit” from the breaches.

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In fact, the only recorded sales for the items in question were to members of the Hells Angels seeking copyright infringement.

But nonetheless, Greenwood concluded that it was reasonable to award damages based on trademark infringement.

Redbubble was ordered to pay $78,250 and costs.


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