PSPCL removes ambiguity on security reimbursement: The Tribune India


Ludhiana, January 8

Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) clarified that in accordance with Regulation 18.1, the safety (consumption) for large consumers (LS) with total demand greater than 100 kva is the amount calculated on the basis of the load or the total demand according to the tariffs specified in the schedule of overheads.

In a memo dated Jan. 1, 2021, the PSCLP Chief / Commercial Engineer said that in order to dispel the ambiguity over the calculation of the security deposit for LS consumers, a meeting of the Code Review Committee supply was convened on December 15, 2020, to discuss the matter.

“The committee concluded that the amount recovered from the applicants at the time of registration of the A&A form (requests and agreement) – 25% of the security (consumption) / additional security (consumption) is a payment and not the amount total safety (consumption) ”, indicates the memo.

It is therefore clarified that there is no ambiguity that the safety (consumption) is the amount calculated on the basis of the total load / demand for the purposes of the deduction under Regulation 18 of the Code of supply 2014.

The PSPCL further clarified that in the event of withdrawal of the request before the issue of the sight ticket, the refundable guarantee (consumption) would be after deduction of 10 percent of the total amount of the guarantee calculated on the basis of the charge. and not 10 percent of the 25 percent deposit deposited by applicants with Form A&A.

The clarification was issued after it was found in many cases that field offices calculated the refundable guarantee (consumption) after deducting 10% of the 25% deposit and not the 10% of the total guarantee amount ( consumption) on the withdrawal of applications. – OC


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