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TYSONS, Virginia, July 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The internet needs to become more secure for users and website operators. That’s why QOMPLX has relaunched Punkspider, a powerful tool that quickly scans and identifies vulnerabilities in websites across the breadth and depth of the Internet.

As ransomware attacks continue to plague businesses and consumers, vulnerable web applications play a tragic role in collecting user information and supporting fraud and criminal enterprises globally. QOMPLX recognizes that everyday Internet users and the cyber community need a shared perspective on the specific dangers of the Web. Punkspider provides a simple and massively scalable monitoring tool that quickly identifies gaps in collective defenses by highlighting websites that can easily fall prey to attackers.

“We want everyone to be able to answer a simple question: How dangerous is the Internet I use? ” mentionned Jason crabtree, CEO of QOMPLX. “Our extensive research revealed a significant but unfortunately not surprising number of basic vulnerabilities on the Web. Common exploits detected by Punkspider serve as a key proxy for overall risk, and frankly, if website owners don’t fix the fundamentals, larger vulnerabilities are unlikely to be fully addressed.

“Knowledge is power, and we want to empower both regular consumers and security professionals. So we redesigned Punkspider so that everyone can assess the safety of their frequented corners of the web, ”Crabtree continued.

Punkspider launched its latest feature, a web browser extension which shows users how risky their browsing sessions are with a “trip report”. Our simple and intuitive interface helps users visualize their journey on the web and how to avoid “Dumpster fires”. In the coming weeks and months, QOMPLX will roll out additional powerful features and original research reports made possible by Punkspider data – highlighting different parts of the web and their relative safety, or regrettable lack.

“Punkspider has always aimed to bring a hacker mindset to cybersecurity and it has been my passion project for years. I’m excited we’re bringing it back – better than ever – to help everyone stay safe and their businesses online. Not only does Punkspider sport all of its previous features when it was first released at Defcon, our reboot expands its capabilities to cover the top 10 OWASP and other common attack vectors. It’s a bad day for the bad guys, ”said Alex Caceres, chief operating officer of computer networks at QOMPLX and founder of Hyperion Gray.

Download the Punkspider browser extension from the Google Chrome Web Store: Punkspider extension

About restarting Punkspider
Leveraging a combination of distributed computing and proprietary data, Punkspider 5.0 performs Internet-wide discovery and detects vulnerabilities on any public website. Punkspider was originally launched by Alex Caceres and the Hyperion Gray team and was a widely used tool within the online community after being initially unveiled at DEF CON 21 in 2013. Following the acquisition of Hyperion Gray by QOMPLX more early this year, version 5.0 is supported by a dedicated engineering team with major architecture and performance updates that deliver significant stability and functionality improvements It builds on a distributed architecture modern with every moment scalability and manages volumes and domains by the billions, including maintaining these results on a constantly updated basis.

QOMPLX helps organizations make smart business decisions and better manage risk with our advanced and proprietary risk cloud. We are leaders in the rapid ingestion, transformation and contextualization of large, complex and disparate data sources with our cloud-native data factory to help organizations better quantify, model and forecast risk. Our specialist experts and technology solutions in cybersecurity, insurance and finance power the world’s leading companies and critical public sector agencies.

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