Resecurity Digital Identity Protection protects individuals and businesses against identity theft


Resecurity has announced its new digital identity protection solution designed to monitor, inform and protect individuals and businesses against data and identity theft.

The AI-powered digital identity protection solution leverages billions of data points from the dark side of the web and connects victims, promoting the exchange of information on potential indicators of compromise or data breach.

Identity theft is the fastest growing financial crime, with 10 million Americans victimized by identity theft each year. With the rise of remote working and global digitalization, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting businesses and their employees to take advantage of personally identifiable data or use it as an attack vector to enable larger-scale breaches. . This has accelerated the demand for scalable identity protection solutions, with the global identity theft protection services market expected to grow from $11.39 billion in 2022 to $27.90 billion by 2029.

As a leader in cyber threat intelligence and risk management, Resecurity’s digital identity protection taps into the billions of data points leveraged in its flagship software platforms to detect, identify and triage possible threats. against the data or identity of an individual or employee. Digital Identity Protection is available via web browser and mobile app (via Apple Play and Google Play), allowing users and businesses to have real-time contextual information about their personal identity.

“Resecurity is known for investigating complex data breaches and major cybersecurity incidents related to Fortune 500 companies and government organizations. We have built a unique practice and knowledge base on how attackers steal users’ data and digital identities around the world,” said Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity. “We believe that every user should have the right to protect their identity online. Our goal is to use this expertise to improve the protection of Americans’ digital identities and provide actionable solutions in times of heightened cybercrime.

The digital identity protection solution leverages Resecurity’s industry-leading data on threats from dark web activity, data leaks, compromised credentials, hacking activities, cyber espionage, supply chain and third-party data breaches, all of which are catalysts for major security incidents. Resecurity has built one of the Dark Web’s largest intelligence repositories with over 3.4 billion records and has cyber intelligence analysts deployed on every continent to gather the most relevant and actionable data to help customers protect their business.

Comprehensive information protection and sharing features

Today, most identity protection tools track and notify users of potential risks, often leaving organizations affiliated with an attack vulnerable to long-term cyber risk. With this in mind, it is very important for organizations to move from a particular trade-off in one employee to the risks associated with the whole company. In some cases, a single account could lead to a major data breach resulting in the exfiltration of sensitive data and affecting millions of other users.

Digital Identity Protection’s threat notification and data sharing enable companies to respond quickly and gain insight into affected consumers of their services. For large corporations and Fortune 500 companies, there is a tailored offering to protect their employees and gain visibility into the digital threat landscape related to their business ecosystem. For individuals, information sharing also allows consumers to establish transparent communication in the event of a data breach, to clarify potential risks to their own digital identity.

Currently, the solution is only available in the United States and takes into account local laws and existing cybersecurity regulations related to identifying data breaches and protecting PII data. Digital Identity Protection is already leveraged through a partnership with US-based employee benefits brokers and cyber insurance product providers to offer digital identity protection packages. The company plans to expand its latest solution to international markets through distribution partners in the near future.


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