Review: Mimecast Email Security easily integrates to thwart attacks


National and local government agencies are firmly in the crosshairs of cybercriminals. And when it comes to today’s top threats, such as ransomware, the fact that many state and local agencies don’t have unlimited resources to devote to cybersecurity may make them a more attractive target than, say, a large corporation. with a full IT staff. .

Ransomware is the attack of choice for criminals today. It is extremely easy to deploy using emails, requires only one careless user to get started, and has proven success in forcing victims to pay the ransom once their files are encrypted. Entire municipal jurisdictions have been brought down by attacks, and the threats won’t stop anytime soon.

the Mimecast Email Security The platform has been designed to fully protect agencies against these risks. It is a cloud-based service, so it can easily integrate with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google workspace and most other email programs. It is also accessible through its own platform, which can be customized with the look and feel of the organization or agency using it.

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Multiple guarantees

Once in place, Mimecast locks down emails and protects them in several ways so that even the most advanced and sneaky attacks, such as phishing or commercial impersonation, cannot take place, even if a user falls into the trap. Indeed, Mimecast operates in three distinct zones to stop blended threats.

First, Mimecast protects users at the perimeter using the Mimecast Gateway. I tested it using Office 365 and Google Workspace instances and it was able to stop emails containing malicious attachments, spoofed domains, and other blended threats that I tried to circumvent. It can even be tasked with protecting outgoing emails, preventing critical or confidential information from leaving through email channels.

Although Mimecast perimeter security is extremely effective, nowadays it is not enough. Fortunately, the solution goes far beyond a simple layer of protection. Even if a colleague has their email password stolen, Mimecast can detect when that attacker starts using a compromised account to try to capture more data or launch insider attacks.

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An increasingly critical problem

Finally, an optional feature of the Mimecast service scans the Internet for fake websites that attempt to impersonate an official agency or organization in order to trick users. Mimecast can alert administrators to these sites and help them get them removed.

The Mimecast email protection platform is extremely easy to use, can integrate with almost any existing email service, and provides multiple layers of protection without requiring legions of in-house IT staff. It’s an elegant solution to an increasingly critical problem, and one that can prevent ransomware threats and cybercriminals from threatening or disrupting important agency business.



Type of product: Cloud-based email security
Works with: Office 365, Exchange, Gmail, Mimecast portal, independent webmail platforms
Threats mitigated: Ransomware, phishing, spoofing attacks, data leak protection, malicious attachments
Brand protection: Prevents illegitimate mail from leaving the organization
Additional features: Integration of Threat Intelligence, large file transfer engine to keep email channel bandwidth free

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