Shakib means legal notice to Banglalink, Jamuna Bank


Cricketer Shakib Al Hasan yesterday served a formal notice to Banglalink and Jamuna Bank Ltd, asking them to refrain from continuing to display and exploit his image and brand for commercial purposes without his consent and in violation of a deal.

Lawyer Ashraful Hadi sent the legal notice on Shakib’s behalf to Managing Director of Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd and Managing Director of Jamuna Bank Ltd, asking them to pay Tk 5.8 crore as the cost of preliminary damages in seven days.

Considering Shakib’s public image, Banglalink made a deal with him on January 21, 2014.

The two-year term of the agreement expired on January 20, 2016, and it was not renewed, the lawyer said citing the notice.

What is Shakib Al Hasan doing at BFDC?

“Recently, our client is shocked to find out that despite the expiration of the said agreement on January 20, 2016, Banglalink continues to display and illegally exploit our client’s image, brand, etc. in several places,” did he declare.

“It is also shocking to find that Banglalink and Jamuna Bank are jointly exploiting our client’s branding etc. in several ATMs of Jamuna Bank without our client’s permission,” he added.

“Banglalink and Jamuna Bank have thus acted unlawfully and Banglalink has committed a serious breach of the said agreement,” Ashraful said citing the legal notice.

He told the Daily Star that he would file a lawsuit in the relevant lower court against Banglalink and Jamuna Bank if they did not refrain from continuing to display and illegally exploit Shakib’s image and brand and pay damages within seven days of receipt of the legal notice.

When contacted, Ankit Sureka, Head of Corporate Communications and Sustainability at Banglalink, said, “We have not yet officially received such notice. Therefore, we cannot comment on this.”


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