Small business aid available for establishments in Bayonne


Thanks to a new round of federal funding, Continued small business grants are available for qualified local businesses, Bayonne Mayor James Davis announced.

To be eligible, a business must not have more than 25 full-time employees.
employees, and she must be up to date with her taxes. The program excludes non-profit organizations, real estate holding companies and franchises.

“I urge all eligible small businesses in Bayonne to apply for this grant program,” Davis said. “Many small businesses have gone through tough times during the coronavirus pandemic. This grant program offers qualified small businesses the opportunity to regain lost ground. »

The grants fall under the U.S. bailout, intended to help local economies recover from the economic distress that began in 2020, according to Davis.

Applicants must submit the following documents: W-9-Request for Tax ID and Certification; Employer’s W-30 report of wages paid; 2019 tax return; and 2020 tax return or 2020 extension.

File online

Applications must be submitted on an online platform only at The platform will be open on August 9
until the 20th. No late submissions will be accepted.

Applicants can access their accounts after submission. Call 1-800-608-5176 or email [email protected] for assistance. For help scanning or uploading documents, email [email protected] to schedule an in-person appointment at City Hall.

Award amounts will be based on lost earnings and previous awards. Checks will be mailed to successful applicants by October 2021.

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