The Ministry of National Defense will recruit 93 civil servants


the defense ministry will hire permanent workers

The Ministry of National Defense will recruit 93 officers. The deadline for applications is January 31, 2022.

a) Be employed at the Ministry of National Defense and the General Staff; In accordance with the activity schedule specified in TABLE-1, the civil service executives having the qualifications included in TABLE-2, “Law on Civil Servants of the State No. 657” and “Examinations to be taken for those who will be appointed to the civil service for the first time at the Ministry of National Defense, General Staff and Force Commands “The personnel will be made available in accordance with the principles of the” Rules “.

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b) Each candidate has only one choice.

c) Candidates requested under the conditions of candidacy; They will upload the master-traveler certificate, the certificate approved by the Ministry of National Education, the driving license, the lawyer license, the identity card / the certificate of private security officer in the system at from the “Add course information” screen.

ç) Applicants who have graduated from foreign universities must upload their certificate of equivalence approved by the Council for Higher Education, and applicants who apply for titles requiring a high school diploma must upload their diplomas into the system from from the “Add education information” screen.

d) Applicants will be able to check whether their documents are fully and legibly downloaded by clicking on the “view document” button. Applications from applicants who do not upload their documents to the system or upload them illegally and incompletely will not be accepted.

e) The procurement process includes the preliminary requisition, registration acceptance, maintenance review, health report procedures and safety investigation steps.

f) If the Ministry deems it necessary, it may hold a practical exam and modify the Applicant Guidebook. Applicants are expected to keep up with any updates to be made in the advertisement during the application period.

g) With regard to matters not specified in the text of the announcement, action will be taken in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

ÄŸ) In the event that no application is made for one of the titles announced, there are not as many applications as the number of titles announced, or the title announced remains vacant due to applications deemed invalid, the Department has the right to transfer the above titles to other advertised titles it deems appropriate.

h) Spouses and children of martyrs, invalids and veterans; In their applications accompanied by a document proving that their mother, father or spouse is a martyr / veteran, the score calculated by adding 10% more of the score obtained to the score of the central examination they received will be taken into account. Applicants who do not upload the Martyr / Veteran Affinity Document to the system will not be added 10% points. (People with disabilities will not be accepted.)


a) To fulfill the general conditions of Article 657 of Law No. 48 on the Civil Service,

b) Have taken part in the public staff selection examination organized in 2020 by the Presidency of the Center for Measurement, Selection and Placement (ÖSYM) and have obtained a mark,

c) To determine the qualifications for each managerial title in the table of qualifications (Table-2),

d) Have applied in good time and submit the requested documents and information with the application file,


a) Applications will be made online between the dates 30.12.2021-31.01.2022 at the address of

NOTE: Outside of the public network (Internet) environment, petitions, letters, mail, etc. Pre-requests to be made using methods will not be accepted, such petitions will not be answered and no action will be taken.

b) Applicants will be directed to the “Make Preference” screen by following all the steps using the application wizard after opening the application screen with their e-Government password by entering the site Web ​​and will be able to make a choice by clicking on the relevant purchase. After completing the preference process, he will be able to check his saved preferences by clicking on the “Show my preferences” button.


a) The Right to Take the Kazan Interview Examination The date and location of the candidate interview examination will be published at ​​for notification. In addition, an announcement will be posted on the National Defense Ministry’s social media accounts, indicating that the results of the preliminary request have been announced.

b) The information will be sent to the e-mail address and mobile phone indicated by the candidates by short message (SMS).


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