Whatsapp, many do not know it but this ‘thing’ manages to simplify our life


Whatsapp: we all use it now, every day and even for a long time: it is the fastest way to interact without complications. But do we know the full potential?

How many times have we been in possession of a phone number but not sure to use it? Sometimes it’s just insecurity or healthy shyness. Although it is always easier to interact with others with the Technology, maybe something is missing.

Here is what you are missing about the possibilities that Whatsapp offers you (Source: Adobe Stock)

Opening hours are not counted WhatsApp, today it has become aapplication essential, not only for communicate with the others so informal, but also for the job or for study. It’s not just comfortable because it’s an instant way to compare yourself. We can admit, it’s even easier at the level of engagement, somewhere the screen continues to hide and protect us.

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Whatsapp is one of the apps we couldn’t do without, but how well do we know it?

We never think about the old SMS? We would not have been economically viable at the time continuous communication like the one we experience day in and day out. How many times have we counted the words used just so as not to pay more? Then there was the era of promotions and anyone who was a girl will remember that very well. But then Whatsapp came and changed everything.

Whatsapp has a lot to offer – check out this great option (Photo by LoboStudioHamburg on Pixabay)

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But we can’t know everything so well and in fact in this sense I want to reveal a tip that few know: or how to send a message with WhatsApp to a number that you don’t have in yours. personal contacts.

Today, faced with the immensity of socialization, whether real or virtual, we see gods hovering title numbers. Sometimes you might need to send just one message and you don’t want to add it to an already long list. If we continue the comparison with the old messaging system, it was quite allowed to send SMS to numbers that we did not have in the address book.

This is not a popular trick, indeed very few people know it, it is certainly a way to save time and space.
The first thing to do is to connect the phone to the PC with WhatsApp WebOnce done, go to the three dots at the top and tap on “connected devices”. On the PC we can see the page with WhatsApp Web and the QR Code. Just scan the phone and we would have all the conversations on the PC.

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But let’s get to the heart: open a tab and enter this address https://wa.me/xxxxxxxxxxx. If we replace all the x by the number that interests us (we must also put the prefix). Once done, you will see the page with a green button with the words: “continue and go chat”. Just click on it and we’ll chat with the number in question.


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