Workaround for Microsoft Edge 105 startup issues


> do you use Microsoft Edge?

No, because chromium-based browser security is the worst. The statistics prove it.

> Most security issues are shared with Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers.

> 15 different security issues, including one classified as critical.

The literal monopoly that are chrome-based browsers, Chrome, Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, the most insecure and unnecessary bug bloated browsers available, from clipboard issues, broken windows, bugs, multiple frequent critical security vulnerabilities, bloated code written in C++, you name it. Problem after problem. No safer programming language RUST written in chromium browser engine code like Firefox, a browser that is the most secure, customizable and technologically advanced browser available.

A #1 ranked browser for privacy and security among many privacy communities. Independently professionally audited by third parties and the code monitored by a large enthusiastic FOSS community that reviews the code for issues, any problems found are very quickly fixed by Mozilla.

Example of Google’s poor security practices and why people should consider upgrading to the more secure Firefox?

Read the news on how Chrome extensions with 1.4 million installs are stealing browsing data

Read the news on how these extensions have remained available on the official Google web store. One of them had also been awarded the label “Recommended” to indicate that it met Google’s criteria.

Read the news on the number of critical security issues faced by chromium-based browsers.

Would I trust Google products for security? Absolutely not.

Would I trust the browser code (chrome) created by Google? Absolutely not.

Would I trust the chromium browser engine for security? Absolutely not.

Would I trust the Edge browser? Absolutely not.

Google products, such as the chromium browser engine they maintain and develop, have become extremely bloated with C++ code and are a security and privacy nightmare, with the browser engine also literally a monopoly. A terrible combination with a huge potential for critical security issues.

Google the laziest programmers around, with M$ also maintaining the code for the chromium project, two mostly closed software developers are google and M$, unlike the wonderful and talented FOSS programmers who started RUST which was an invention of Mozilla .

Did Google create RUST? No, because they are not talented enough.

Browsers based on Chromium, the browser engine developed by an advertising technology company used by Brave which has Brave Ads, an advertising network.

Firefox the browser of choice for the more tech savvy people, Firefox a browser that can work with a private secure extension like UBO or Noscript, working with the RUST secure programming language on Firefox and not stupid built-in ad blockers on browsers written in bloated C++ with no RUST and terrible issues like clipboard issues, Manifest V3, the list goes on.


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